The Difference Between Knowing and Believing

I am discovering that knowing and believing are two separate things.

Knowing comes from within. It’s the truth residing in your own flesh and bones.

Believing is an act of your conscious mind. It is a mental choice, influenced by endless external factors.

When your knowing and believing are not in alignment, you will experience confusion and chaos.

There are many things I know, but have found difficult to believe based on prior programming or a feeling of inconvenience. When you have no tangible proof of your knowing, it can be difficult to truly believe it- especially when your knowing directly contradicts the beliefs of family, friends, or society at large.

The more you attempt to override your deep knowing with more palatable beliefs, the more chaos and confusion you will generate within yourself.

You cannot change your knowing.
You can only change your beliefs.

The more you align your beliefs with your knowing, the more inner peace and clarity you experience, which provides the grounded strength to live your life with authentic purpose and true fulfillment.

Aligning your beliefs with your knowing may increase external conflict, as your knowing will inevitably conflict with the beliefs of those around you. But your inner peace will remain. And inner peace is the foundation of world peace.

If you do not align your beliefs with your knowing, you will never experience inner peace, and your inner conflict will only further contribute to the disharmony in the world.

What do you know, deep in your bones, that you have yet to truly believe?
And how does that conflict manifest in your life?


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