Sharing My Knowings

My last post (The Difference Between Knowing and Believing) serves as a foundation for everything else I will be sharing henceforth.

There are things I *know*, and I will be writing about them and sharing them because part of my knowing is knowing that I must write and share them.

That doesn’t mean I always believe everything I share from my knowing.

I am a wounded human as much as the next person. I struggle just as much with the shitty programming of this Matrix we find ourselves in. I see the light of truth for just a glimpse, feel it radiate through my entire body, and it is salvation and heaven right here in the real world! …and then circumstances shift and my old wounds are triggered, begging to be healed, and that’s when the false programming and dark beliefs kick back in.

In those times, it is hard to believe the truth of what I know. I may even flat out reject what I know as complete bullshit.

Yet experience reveals that I am more at peace when I allow myself to believe what I know- when I allow myself to believe in Love and let it crack me open. It’s the only way to Life and all its fullness.

I have found it difficult to share the things I know because I thought I must wait until I got my shit together- until I could consistently walk in the truth of what I know rather than perpetually stumbling around like a drunk idiot.

But healing doesn’t work that way. My knowing is medicine, not just for me, but for others. Part of my healing journey is to share my knowings. It is part of my life’s calling. To postpone that because “I’m not yet healed” is to block the very healing energy which desires to flow through me.

I am quite tired of the “wounded healer” archetype and its sad hypocritical contradictions, but perhaps the reality is that in order to become a true healed healer, I must actually walk the path of the wounded healer first- to offer my medicine to others even if I have yet to fully integrate it myself. As the saying goes, “The only way out is through”.

I share my knowings to help awaken the knowings of others. The Song of Life can no longer wait on me to get my shit together. The time has come for me to give voice to the Truth within me.


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