How banana pudding taught me that I am never alone

I recently stumbled into the Enneagram personality typing system and it's been incredibly eye-opening for me. These past several days I've been having some lightbulb moments and new insights into my life. The other day I briefly thought about my attraction of endless synchronicites. I was recalling the recent "banana pudding" synchronicity. About a week … Continue reading How banana pudding taught me that I am never alone

june 7

Is there a place deep within me where this great pain cannot possibly reach? Is there a tiny space where I exist whole and unbroken, where the past has no say and the future remains unspoken? But the truth is I don't know if that's where I'd want to stay, because wouldn't that be heaven? … Continue reading june 7


When the leftover light of sunset fades, the room takes on a translucent blue shade. Don't turn on the lamp, Let me linger in this lingering light before surrendering myself to the night. I don't want to miss this blueness, it speaks stillness to my soul, and for one fleeting moment in time I can … Continue reading Blueness 

It feels as though someone reached inside my chest and ripped my heart out, and now my compass is gone and I feel so lost and empty. I wonder, however, if it was not my heart that was ripped out, but merely the casing it was in, and that my heart is still in here … Continue reading