February 28th: I awoke in the night and knew the answer was, is, and always will be, YES. The question is irrelevant. The questions are almost always irrelevant. The questions are just meant to push me to the ultimate answer of YES. Here is life's grand secret: Yes. It's always the answer. Yes. One Yes … Continue reading YES

When God is only portrayed as masculine…

For too long, Christianity as a whole has ignored, belittled, and even outright suppressed the feminine. I've witnessed first-hand the dysfunction that such imbalance creates within individuals and families. When we portray God using only masculine terms, it's natural for women to think that godliness is more of a masculine virtue. Instead of embracing our … Continue reading When God is only portrayed as masculine…

How banana pudding taught me that I am never alone

I recently stumbled into the Enneagram personality typing system and it's been incredibly eye-opening for me. These past several days I've been having some lightbulb moments and new insights into my life. The other day I briefly thought about my attraction of endless synchronicites. I was recalling the recent "banana pudding" synchronicity. About a week … Continue reading How banana pudding taught me that I am never alone

strong heart

11.22.2017 Being strong has nothing to do with armour and swords, it has nothing to do with fighting. Rather, being strong means navigating life with your shell completely cracked open, with your heart totally exposed to the world. The great reversal of life is that we perceive ourselves to be weak and vulnerable, and therefore, … Continue reading strong heart