the great sea

There are nights when in my sleep
I stand in the doorway between the worlds
I stand on the edge of enlightenment
and peer into a realm which reveals the answers to all my questions
and the secret keys to all mysteries of life.
And suddenly,
I’m in.
I find myself swirling in rhythm
and encircled about with golden purples and blues,
dancing with the Dance itself,
one with everything that is true.
All things make sense
and I want to shout, “Yes, I see! I finally understand!”
What sweet relief!
What joyous celebration!
There is no more searching: this is it.

But then I feel myself pulled away,
as if being fished out of the waters,
a sucking sound of disconnection-
everything is slippery once again.
My awareness of that otherness blurs
as I awake in this here-ness
with no memory of my life-changing discoveries,
only faint echoes from the great sea.

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