October 27

Where is that fine line between humility  and confidence in the truth I must speak? How does one stay grounded, but still remain open-minded? I want to bend and move with the wind, but I still want the earth to grow my roots in. Oh! I am the absolute  and the ever-changing. I am the … Continue reading October 27

August 26

What would you do If there was no one to stop you? What would you say If you could speak your whole truth? There are less rules than we think there are Ignore all the noise, look into your heart You'll find a light to lead you in the dark Your way will be made … Continue reading August 26

new moon

The stars shine brightest when the moon is dark and empty. See them all, a billion dreams to choose from. Pick one as a seed, drop it in the fertile moon and watch it grow. Soon you'll see that this one dream will light up the night brighter than all the stars combined. This is … Continue reading new moon