17: Foreshadow of Rebirth on the Winter Solstice 

Part 17 of my spiritual journey series. It was December 2015 and I was pregnant with my third child. Despite having two previous successful homebirths under my belt, I was having a lot of uncharacteristic fears about the birth of my next child. We were planning another homebirth, but suddenly I was terrified of something going terribly … Continue reading 17: Foreshadow of Rebirth on the Winter Solstice¬†

Trees in Winter

You can only see through the trees in winter. During the cold, dark season, the light is able to penetrate into the woods. The rays of grace may not linger long, but they illuminate in a way that summer's fullness never can. The warm vibrant season fills the woodlands to the max: visions of greenery, … Continue reading Trees in Winter