17: Foreshadow of Rebirth on the Winter Solstice 

Part 17 of my spiritual journey series. It was December 2015 and I was pregnant with my third child. Despite having two previous successful homebirths under my belt, I was having a lot of uncharacteristic fears about the birth of my next child. We were planning another homebirth, but suddenly I was terrified of something going terribly … Continue reading 17: Foreshadow of Rebirth on the Winter Solstice¬†

15: Meeting the Serpent

Continuing my spiritual journey series: The night of October 11th, 2015, I had one of the most profound dreams of my life thusfar: I am standing naked with a snake wrapped around me. Starting with it's tail at my head, the snake is wrapped around my head, shoulders, and chest, with its head ending at my … Continue reading 15: Meeting the Serpent

they call it awakening

the breakup breaks down to a breakthrough of breaking the uprising is an upswelling of your uppermost limits an implosion of explosion shrinking in and tearing out a voice swallowing itself while screaming a vessel catching it's own spilling they call it awakening: the fine edge of death and new beginnings