just a mirror

August 7th, 2017 God bless the Positives: The motivational speakers, the encouragers, the deep quote repeaters, the sunny smilers, the overcomers and rise-abovers God bless them. I am not one of them. I'm the moon who goes through her phases, where light is overcome by shadow, and where shadow eventually gives way to light... but … Continue reading just a mirror

light of day

This light feels so fragile in the midst of the winds of change These winds may blow it out or fan it into larger flames You can make yourself a target by standing up for truth and you may be quickly taken down and your bravery may seem of no use But maybe, just maybe, … Continue reading light of day


I am thankful... ...thankful for the wrestling, for I have found inner strength ...thankful for the pressure, I have learned to bend ...thankful for the pain, for out of it flows true joy. In darkness you come to appreciate the light. -3.5.18