The Whole Self

I have tried to fit into the countless boxes of others' experiences. I have divided myself into countless pieces that would fit into those countless boxes. All of me will not fit into someone else's box. So I cut off the small part that will… …over and over again, with each small box of someone … Continue reading The Whole Self

just a mirror

August 7th, 2017 God bless the Positives: The motivational speakers, the encouragers, the deep quote repeaters, the sunny smilers, the overcomers and rise-abovers God bless them. I am not one of them. I'm the moon who goes through her phases, where light is overcome by shadow, and where shadow eventually gives way to light... but … Continue reading just a mirror

18: Wrestling with Identity According to Christian Theology

Part 18 of my spiritual journey series. As a big fan of the musician Jewel, I was excited to purchase and read her memoir, Never Broken in December of 2015. I loved reading her life story, and her theme of rebirth was really pinging something deep in me. In her book, she references the work … Continue reading 18: Wrestling with Identity According to Christian Theology