The Whole Self

I have tried to fit into the countless boxes of others' experiences. I have divided myself into countless pieces that would fit into those countless boxes. All of me will not fit into someone else's box. So I cut off the small part that will… …over and over again, with each small box of someone … Continue reading The Whole Self

15: Meeting the Serpent

Continuing my spiritual journey series: The night of October 11th, 2015, I had one of the most profound dreams of my life thusfar: I am standing naked with a snake wrapped around me. Starting with it's tail at my head, the snake is wrapped around my head, shoulders, and chest, with its head ending at my … Continue reading 15: Meeting the Serpent

8: Wrestling with God After the Death of My Child

Six years ago today my first child died at only 18 months old. She was diagnosed with cancer and a month later she was gone. Her sickness, death, and the events which transpired immediately afterwards were incredibly traumatic for my husband and I. Our families were devastated. Our hearts were broken. And we were all … Continue reading 8: Wrestling with God After the Death of My Child