1: The Experience which Changed Everything

Two years ago this week I experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening.  I figured I'd just come right out and say it. This experience is really the whole reason I'm writing this series. It changed everything for me and divides my life into before and after. After it happened, nothing looked the same. I saw the … Continue reading 1: The Experience which Changed Everything

2018: I Will Build

2017 was a very difficult year for me. It was my "dark night of the soul". My internal world has been completely shaken and turned upside down. I ventured into the shadows deep within myself and have had one existential crisis after another. Having to deal with plenty of hormonal fluctuations has made it all … Continue reading 2018: I Will Build

they call it awakening

the breakup breaks down to a breakthrough of breaking the uprising is an upswelling of your uppermost limits an implosion of explosion shrinking in and tearing out a voice swallowing itself while screaming a vessel catching it's own spilling they call it awakening: the fine edge of death and new beginnings