An Open Heart

The Graceful Birch

I’m finding it quite difficult to write this post, mostly because I can’t seem to find the right words to explain what is an experience that goes beyond words. All attempts to describe the spiritual using words will be lacking and incomplete, and that’s why it’s easier to communicate through art and music and the like.

A few months ago I created a wall hanging for my new baby and planned to make one for each of my children. I asked my daughter what colors she would like for hers and she told me she wanted a heart. I wanted to stick with the original design because of its womb symbolism, but then wondered if I could create the same technique with a heart shape.

I finally decided to try this as my daughter’s birthday was approaching. It was also around Valentine’s day and as it happened, I’d already been…

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February 28th: I awoke in the night and knew the answer was, is, and always will be, YES. The question is irrelevant. The questions are almost always irrelevant. The questions are just meant to push me to the ultimate answer of YES. Here is life's grand secret: Yes. It's always the answer. Yes. One Yes … Continue reading YES

When God is only portrayed as masculine…

For too long, Christianity as a whole has ignored, belittled, and even outright suppressed the feminine. I've witnessed first-hand the dysfunction that such imbalance creates within individuals and families. When we portray God using only masculine terms, it's natural for women to think that godliness is more of a masculine virtue. Instead of embracing our … Continue reading When God is only portrayed as masculine…

Organizing my Pinterest account using the KonMari method

Odd, but true: I have been applying the KonMari method not only to my physical possessions, but to my electronic hoarding as well! I have been an avid user of Pinterest for several years. I use it for craft inspiration, home ideas and decor, words of wisdom, and lots and lots of giggles. In that … Continue reading Organizing my Pinterest account using the KonMari method