The Graceful Birch

Over a year ago I wanted to make a small macrame wall hanging plant hanger. I quickly discovered it wasn’t going to turn out the way I wanted, so I decided to change course and simply make a wall hanging.

This was the third macrame wall hanging I created, and it was really a grand experiementation of clove hitch and square knots. I had no real idea in mind when creating it – I just went with the flow. I also went back repeatedly and untied a lot of my work and started over trying to get things right. I spent hours working on it and at times it drove me crazy, as if it had a life of its own and I was slave to give it form. It was really hard to walk away from, but life’s necessities (and my sore eyes and hurting back) demanded that I…

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The Graceful Birch

While looking at my originaldragonfly macrame, I really fell inlove with the pattern on the side pieces. It felt… serene.

“Transcend” dragonfly macrame wall hanging by Grace Lucille

I imagined making an entire wall hanging of this pattern and eventually made one with natural colored rope, and then later in dusty rose. I originally thought these would be lovely pieces for a nursery, and have envisioned them in soft pink and soft blue.

“Serenity” wall hangings by Grace Lucille

I later made a mini version of this pattern, andwrote all about it here.

Mini “Serenity” wall hanging featuring amazonite stones by Grace Lucille

For me, the concept of serenity transcends the mind and emotions. It is the centered still place of the spirit, where peace and contentment flow. This experience is what I’ve attempted to convey with this macrame design- it is what I feel when…

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Golden Flowers – The Power of Yellow

The Graceful Birch

Last summer I began working on healing my third chakra. This energy center is located at the solar plexus, and deals with issues of personal power and will. It is associated with the color yellow, and often linked to the fiery power of the sun. (Here’s a link that explains more about the Third Chakra)

One of the first things I did during my healing process was to focus on the color yellow. I wanted to create a fiber art wall hanging in different shades of yellow. The following is what I eventually created:

Golden Flowers crocheted wall hanging by Grace Lucille

I crocheted the three large mustard flowers with wool yarn, the two lighter flowers with cotton, and the tiny two golden flowers with some old embroidery floss I inherited from my mother many years ago. I insisted on having three different types of flowers to represent…

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8: Wrestling with God After the Death of My Child

Six years ago today my first child died at only 18 months old. She was diagnosed with cancer and a month later she was gone. Her sickness, death, and the events which transpired immediately afterwards were incredibly traumatic for my husband and I. Our families were devastated. Our hearts were broken. And we were all … Continue reading 8: Wrestling with God After the Death of My Child