Biblical Support for Spirit Guides and Communicating with the Dead

If you are, or ever have been, an Evangelical Christian, at some point you've probably been told that spirit guides/spirit helpers and communicating with the dead are unbiblical. You may have also been told that the dead folks and spirit guides that people claim to be in contact with are actually demons. I was content … Continue reading Biblical Support for Spirit Guides and Communicating with the Dead

I don’t need to convince anyone of anything

Something that helps me when I start drifting away from myself and getting too caught up in other people is to remind myself of these two things: 1. My needs/boundaries/experiences are valid even if others do not understand, agree with, or respect them. 2. It's not necessary to convince others of the validity of my … Continue reading I don’t need to convince anyone of anything

There’s Always Been a Rainbow…


This morning I fell into a deep pit that I didn’t know how to get out of. Old stories were repeating, and making music out of it (no matter how awesome it sounded) was making me feel worse. I just felt really, really depressed.

At one point Kasey Musgraves’ song “Rainbow” wandered into my mind, and I pondered the message. What was there to be depressed about, really? The thing I was struggling with didn’t deserve to rule my day or determine my worth or happiness.

I was thinking through what to do. It seemed like a good time to just work on a new macrame piece. I wanted to try a rainbow design that Mary Maker Studio posted a tutorial of on Instagram. My new yarn had arrived and so I now had a wide color palette to choose from. After working through several project ideas in my…

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Heartbreaking Beauty

I’ve been dealing with some heavy stuff lately, confronting Death and Life and my place in the middle of it all. I was feeling anxious last night and this poem came out of me.

The Graceful Muse

Beauty can be heartbreaking
A drowning and an awakening
Pleasure and pain
are basically the same
Nothing is quite like
feeling them at the same time

Moments like these
leave me gasping for air
But I never stopped breathing
I can’t tell if I’m still in my body
or if I just starting leaving
I don’t know
what on earth is a boundary
Everything bleeds
and blends into
a fluid One
I am all of it
Together and completely undone

What is there to fear?
Why the anxiety?
It’s dancing with ecstacy…
Strange partners,
But it’s
Death and Life
Life from Death
it’s all the same.
Core essence,
different names.

It used to scare me
I still feel those slivers tickle my soul
Sometimes it excites me
and makes my engine start to roar

Everything is nothing
and nothing is everything
Welcome to the paradox of existence

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The Joy of Transformation


If I’m not happy with a current work in progress or even a finished piece, I change it. I take it apart, a little or a lot, and transform it into something new. Possibilities are endless. Why settle for what does not inspire joy? I’m all about joy. If it doesn’t spark joy, it’s time to change (Yes, I became a KonMari convert in 2018).

One of my favorite transformations. Story about this piece coming soon.

My latest transformation piece is a butterfly, which seems appropriate. Butterflies are symbols of transformation, starting as chunky weight-bound caterpillars and eventually turning into light graceful flying butterflies.

My original plan for this piece did not happen, as I cut too little cord (frequent problem of mine). I tried turning it into something else, and still did not like the results.

Tried to make the best of it, but didn’t like how it turned…

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Home (30)

A poem for my 30th birthday. Hopefully soon I will write a full blog post exploring the theme of this poem.

The Graceful Muse

April 12th, 2019

I often wondered if Home was a real place.
I spent 30 years trying to find it.
No matter where I was,
I never felt like I belonged,

so out of place

so uncomfortable

so restless and so, so lost.

I just wanted to find a place
to sink my roots into
and grow like crazy.

I begged the land to take me
I begged the people to accept me
I begged God to be my everything
and I begged heaven to somehow save me

But Home was with me all along,
I just never knew it.
I was walking around in it
(even if I was a foot off the ground).

How did I not see
the most visible parts of me?
How could I not feel
the most tangible parts of me?

This right here,
this flesh and blood and bones
this skin and hair…

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Transforming Anxiety into Art


I’ve dealt with anxiety for many years now and I’ve tried different techniques to cope. Sometimes relaxation techniques help, especially if the anxiety appears triggered by exhaustion. Sometimes my anxiety comes from a sudden influx of energy that tends to overwhelm me, and the best thing to do in that scenario is to get moving.

One evening last December I started to become really anxious, and so instead of pulling out my hair and going crazy, I decided to channel my nervous energy into creating something. I opened up my scraps/offcuts bin to make a mini macrame wall hanging exclusively from these scrap pieces of rope. My fingers worked quickly and furiously, and when I was done, I attached a small amazonite stone in the middle.

Mini macrame wall hanging by Grace Lucille

Because I more or less poured all my anxiety into this piece, I assumed it would carry…

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Over a year ago I wanted to make a small macrame wall hanging plant hanger. I quickly discovered it wasn’t going to turn out the way I wanted, so I decided to change course and simply make a wall hanging.

This was the third macrame wall hanging I created, and it was really a grand experiementation of clove hitch and square knots. I had no real idea in mind when creating it – I just went with the flow. I also went back repeatedly and untied a lot of my work and started over trying to get things right. I spent hours working on it and at times it drove me crazy, as if it had a life of its own and I was slave to give it form. It was really hard to walk away from, but life’s necessities (and my sore eyes and hurting back) demanded that I…

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