stay asleep

Some dreams may betray and deceive, Promise you the world  but leave you empty, An illusion of freedom but only chains of slavery. What can you trust when lies disguise themselves as truth? When the thrill in your heart becomes a lasting wound? Why is fantasy the highest ideal we can never achieve? Why can't … Continue reading stay asleep

I lose one night of sleep, and the next day, I'm riddled with anxiety. Sometimes my body and mind are resilient, and sometimes they are victim to high sensitivity. I never know how my day will go.

The trees are rooted firmly in the ground but they move with the wind. I must be planted deeply in this physical existance, but able to move and flow with the spirit.


I come to you, broken and desperate, seeking peace for the storm within me. I do my part, humbly admitting my ignorance, and ask for revelation. But instead of responding to my soul's deepest need, you instead focus on the trivial limitations of my imperfect prayers and answer me to my own demise. I thought … Continue reading betrayal