I Did Not Come Here to Convince You of Anything

I did not come here to convince you of anything

I don’t sing or write to make the pathways in your brain smoother
To help you think better
Or more precise

I did not come here to teach you how to think
How to use your mind
Nor invite you to peer inside my own head
And rewire the strings
So I accept your theology
Or interpretation of science
Your virtual reality
Controlled by someone who isn’t you

I am not here to battle and weaponize words
Nor rhyme
Nor sacred melody
To desecrate the divine
In order to feel mental satisfaction in being “right”
To win converts to some flimsy gospel
Of my ravenously hungry ego

I don’t want to encourage you to spend one more goddamn minute in your head
Diverting anymore precious energy away from your pelvis
Into your congested skull
Where we falsely believe our minds have the answers
That our minds will lead us to salvation

I want to be so alive and crazy and out of my mind
So possessed by my own body
That your own body is triggered to react
And your mind has no fucking clue how to interpret the feral woman before you
And that the only way to process
The music and art and energy that comes out of me
Is to feel all the places
Where it lands inside of you

Does it make your eyes swell with a need to weep?

Does it stir an ache in your chest that devastates and yet heals you?

Does it make your spine want to curl in, to hold your belly and legs that you’ve felt ashamed of your entire life?

Does it kindle a fire in your neck with an anger and feeling of violence that terrifies you?

Does it make the cells in your hands and feet start to vibrate, urging you to move and dance?

Does it cause a tingle in your genitals or a full on rush of heat throughout your entire body?

Does it cause your skin to radiate with an intense and primal desire to be touched by another human?

Does it make absolutely no fucking sense at all but it one-hundred percent makes you FEEL?


I did not come here to awaken and rearrange your mind
And fiddle with whatever the hell you believe

I came here to awaken you to your own magnificent body
To the divine ecstatic Presence which courses through every organ and tissue and nerve ending and blood vessel within you

God is in your body
And your body will heal your mind


– 8.2.21 –


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