why I came here

I am not here to play small.
I am not here to regurgitate the same old ideas we’ve been doing since forever.
I am not here to uphold and perpetuate the broken systems we’ve inherited.
I am not here to limit my thinking and curb the outrageously beautiful possibilities that dream through me.

Fuck the status quo. Fuck your narrow ideas of progress. Fuck your pseudo-healing methods that strengthen the victim/abuser paradigm. Fuck every goddamn institution and belief system that props up the myth of separation, that protects and worships the death energy of fear. Let the lies collapse in on themselves and disappear into the nothingness from which they came.

Oh my god. Let me be 18 again. Let me dream of the new world, let me feel the fire of revolution in my veins. Let me not give a damn who’s fragile ego I offend, let me care more about the Truth of Love than the lies of hate. Let me feel the avalanche of divine Love crash through me, dissolving all my barriers into the sweetest sobs of relief. Let the songs of Life churn in my belly and arise and find expression through my voice.

Let the ideas be too big, too audacious, too fucking magnificent for this shitty existence we’ve been sold. Let them say, “It could never happen because XYZ,”
And I will say,
Fuck XYZ. God doesn’t care about XYZ. The power of God is in me, and you, and we created XYZ and we can demolish XYZ and create a new ABC.

I did not come here to play small.
I came here to challenge everything we’ve been taught, to question all that has been offered us, because you and I both know THIS WORLD HAS TO GO. It’s a death trap. And we won’t make it out with the same thinking that got us into this mess. It is time for a WHOLE NEW WAY of living, which requires

radical ideas,
radical energy,
radical LOVE.

Let it come through me because
that is exactly why I came here.


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