I am a vessel of Love


What is my role right now?
What has my role ever been?

Have I ever argued or coerced myself into love and health and acceptance and peace and a life worth living?


Ok. Then there’s no way I could argue or coerce anyone else into such a life worth living either.

I release my fears, release the fear, all that holds me back from Love is fear…

I release it and the Love that has always been comes rushing in. And it is power. It is life. It gives meaning to an otherwise meaningless existence. It replaces the ashen deathlike hold of fear and blossoms my being into a wild lush landscape teeming with more life than I could possibly imagine.

If we cannot connect to the space and flow and beingness of Love residing within and around us, then we will never create any sense of safety or peace or abundance or even true justice in our material world. Because all good things flow only from Love, from beings rooted in Love, who recognize that Love is all there is, and that fear is merely an illusion that blinds us from all the Love that Is.

I am a vessel of Love. I am a servant of Love. I am an oracle of Love. I am a body of Love. I am a song of Love.

Love is my God. Love is my compass. Love is the flow I surrender to and say, Your will be done!

Love invites me to expand higher and sink deeper and to see that every other being I come in contact with is an extension of me, and yes, I love you. With the entire heart of the Universe, I love you, with my flesh and bones and spirit within, I love you, as my soul loves itself, as God loves Itself, as the Universe loves Itself because we ARE the Universe loving Itself, and how did we ever forget it?!

Let me remember, Love.
And I will spend my life helping others remember with me.


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