The Example of Helen Schucman

One of the things I find most interesting about A Course In Miracles is that the writer, Helen Schucman, was merely writing down what was being dictated to her by *something else* (assumed to be Jesus). She didn’t know what to make of the material as it came to her. She didn’t necessarily believe it. It’s certainly not what she would have ever decided to write about. She didn’t come up with these concepts. She wasn’t writing from experience. She was an academic and had given up on religion and spirituality years earlier.

She was visited by a source and given information. And as it turns out, this information has since helped countless people. It helped Marianne Williamson who then began a career of helping others based upon the principles in this book. I myself have been helped by Marianne’s teachings (it took me awhile before I realized she was the “crazy new age lady” who ran for President).

After listening to some of Marianne’s teachings, I decided to go straight to the source. I started reading A Course In Miracles last year. Its a doozy. It’s a lot to digest, honestly. I only made it 300 pages in out of 1400 before I realized I needed a serious break. But during that time, I had so many lightbulb moments that are beginning to revisit me now.

Some of the concepts are floating up inside me lately. I am remembering the relevant bits of truth I picked up. They are so simple and yet so profound, and they change my life for the better when I allow myself to really drop into them.

I am thankful that Helen Schucman decided to share what she received, even if she had no idea what to make of it- even if she didn’t necessarily believe it. It must have taken great courage for her to not only complete this project, but to release it into the world.

She is an example to me that it is important to share what I’ve received, even if I don’t understand it or perhaps don’t want to believe it.

A Course In Miracles

Click here to read Helen Schucman’s story and how A Course In Miracles came about.

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