Where Hope Begins

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After my Higher Self paid me a dramatic visit at the beginning of March, and I went through months of deep soul work as the COVID pandemic gripped the world, I finally experienced a dramatic breakthrough in my life a few weeks ago. In many ways I feel reborn, and in this newfound sense of life, I feel more clarity around my purpose and calling in this world. Part of that purpose involves sharing lesser known and alternative narratives about life on this planet and what it means to be truly healthy.

As I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I feel compelled to share my developing beliefs after years of floundering in my own unknowing, I quickly run into the underlying dilemma (and the major key to my own life’s work): It is a waste of time and energy to share with those who are not receptive.

Something I’ve quickly learned is that most people are not receptive to any information or evidence, no matter how compelling or apparent, which challenges their current beliefs. I look at my own life and beliefs and see how this has been the case over and over again. This is why most online arguments and debates are completely useless in changing anyone’s mind, and generally only serve to reinforce one’s own beliefs.

For instance, if one has already chosen to believe that vaccines are bad, they will always find a way to dismiss any evidence of their benefits. Likewise, if one has already chosen to believe that vaccines are safe and effective, they will not accept any evidence that suggests otherwise.

We each like to assume we are unbiased and objective partakers of the facts, and that the evidence informs our beliefs. However, it is our beliefs which determine how we see the evidence and whether or not we will even accept it as valid. In most cases, evidence really doesn’t speak for itself. We project our own experiences onto the evidence and presume to speak for it.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems humanity faces is that the vast majority of us are unwilling to accept our own unknowing. Clinging to our beliefs provides a sense of safety that we are hard-pressed to let go of. But clinging to this faux safety actually puts us all at great risk. We cannot discover the truth when we are busy defending our current positions from any and all opposition.

With this understanding, I admit that my own beliefs are inevitably flawed. This does not mean I should not continue to share my perspective and convictions- on the contrary. The more we each share our perspectives, the more likely we are to find creative solutions to our problems. We need variety, we need nuance.

However, I do recognize that sharing my perspective to an un-receptive audience is a waste of energy. What is the point when others are already entrenched in their own stories and refuse to entertain a different narrative?

Although I often have strong convictions, I have found throughout my life that I am always more interested in getting both sides of an issue to see the humanity and valid concerns of the other side more than I am interested in preaching my own ideas on the issue. Yes, the issues are absolutely important and must be addressed. But every side and angle must be considered in order to find a true and sustainable solution (not just a band-aid quick fix), and we can only do this by first recognizing our common goals and listening to the human hearts and unique life experiences behind every talking point.

Here’s the thing: I am not here to convert you to my worldview. I am not here to change your mind. That’s not my job or responsibility and certainly not my joy. I’m not skilled in debate. I’m a mediocre researcher at best. I’m not an expert in anything. Frankly, I feel a little pathetic in sharing my convictions half the time. The idea that I could change people’s minds on various topics is kind of laughable.

If we’re going to look at my life through the lense of talent and calling (which has come through deep personal experience!), my purpose is to encourage every one of us to routinely examine our deeply held beliefs, ingrained biases, and internalized stories of the world. Until we can question our own foundations and narratives of the world, we will never be receptive to the truth which longs to be known and experienced. Our endless fighting over these topics will get us nowhere.

As I came to this understanding once again, I discovered a new offering titled “Political Hope” from philosopher Charles Eisenstein which explores these very topics, and how this shapes our political landscape. I’ve been sharing his work for months, most notably his essays “The Coronation” (regarding COVID19) and “The Conspiracy Myth”, both asking the deeper questions that must be asked during these times. Eisenstein has a unique way of challenging our prevailing narratives and fostering the undying hope within all of us for true change.

His new course “Political Hope”, hosted on the platform Commune, has been offered for free for a limited time, and I have shared it with friends because I believe in its potential to transform personal lives and the collective. I’ve already gone through most of the course and have had several of my own narratives challenged, as well as having a huge lightbulb moment today. Just ten minutes through the first video inspired me to write a new song! (I’ll be sharing soon, hopefully!)

After I’ve already shared his work and this free course with others with nothing to gain but the stubborn hope for change, I was offered the chance to become an affiliate of Commune and receive commissions from anyone who signs up for this course through the provided the links. Although I decided years ago I was done selling other people’s products, Charles Eisenstein’s core message, and especially this course, is completely in line with my own life’s mission. I was happy to share it before any possible monetary benefit, so this isn’t about me trying to make money (though that would certainly be nice). I just want to get this message out to the word:

If we want true lasting change, we need to ask the deeper questions and break free of the polarization that has enslaved and hindered us.

“Political Hope” is available for free for one more day (thru August 12), and I strongly encourage you to check it out if you are able. Sign up by clicking here.

Right now you can purchase lifetime access to this course for $49 until August 18th (I did!). After that, the price increases to $99. Click here to purchase this course.

You can also try out a monthly subscription to Commune and receive access to “Political Hope” and all other courses on their site for $20 until August 18th (when the price will then increase to $35). To learn more about their monthly subscription, click here.

I hope to write and share more on this theme in the coming months. Our current word structures are crumbling and it’s time for a new story. In order to get there, we must be brave enough to reexamine all our ideas and beliefs about how the world works. I hope you will join me.

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