Matriarchy Will Heal the World

For International Women’s Day, I’d like to finally share with you something I wrote a few weeks ago:


All my life I’ve been wandering in circles, wondering what is wrong with me and the world around me, and I finally get it now. After hacking at branches for so long, I’m finally striking the root:

Patriarchy – a male-centered world that disregards and even demonizes the innate rhythms of women and nature.

No one, not even men, can truly thrive in this fake reality. The reality is that these natural rhythms and cycles are what really run the world, and our resistance to aligning with them is the cause of our dis-ease and dysfunction.

Women and nature have been forced to conform to man-made structures and the results have been disastrous.
It is long past time to structure our human activities around the naturally fluctuating cycles and rhythms of women and nature.

Can you imagine a society that actually revolved around these natural cycles of LIFE? A society that honored mothers as the foundation of a healthy society and did everything possible to support them in their role? A society that honored the Earth itself as our collective mother that supports and sustains us?

What a beautiful world that would be. LIFE and QUALITY OF LIFE would be prioritized.

Women should be centered. We are the ones who should be setting the pace, who should be setting the standards, because we are most affected by everything.

The mess our world/modern society is in is a direct result of not honoring the innate rhythms of life, both in women and in nature.

Everyone suffers under Patriarchy. But everyone flourishes under Matriarchy. Men’s needs will be taken care of if women’s needs are prioritized first.

Heal women and you heal the world.