Lunar Fertility

I write about a wide variety of topics on my blog, and a big topic of interest for me is women’s health (I am a woman, after all). I just stumbled upon something so fascinating that I just had to share.

I recently read someone mention on Instagram there is a second fertile/ovulation window in a woman’s cycle that is linked to the moon. Supposedly you can also ovulate when the moon is in the same phase as it was at the time of your birth. This may account for why many women seem to conceive outside of their regular ovulation window.

Although I’m a deep believer in the effect of the moon and planets and stars on human life (not necessarily everyone’s life, but definitely for many), I skeptically assumed this lunar fertility idea was a bunch of hogwash, like a group of overly spiritual women wanted to make more connection than necessary between female rhythm and the moon.

It was actually a Czech psychiatrist and gynecologist named Dr. Eugen Jonas who came up with the theory back in 1956 (read this article to learn more:

Before I got around to actually researching this concept, I decided to test it according to my own pregnancies.

I was born with a first quarter moon in the constellation of Gemini.

My last child was a total surprise… my cycle had been all over the place and apparently I ovulated much earlier than I expected. I checked the moon for the day of her conception and I was shocked to discover it was a first quarter moon in Gemini… exactly the same as it was on my birth.

Ok, that’s a little creepy, I thought. But that’s not substantial enough.

So I checked the rest of my pregnancies.

We tried for 5-6 months to conceive our first child. Sure enough, she was conceived during a first quarter moon.

Our second child was conceived during a full moon, but I also expected to get pregnant that time because I knew I was ovulating.

Our third child was a surprise (to me at least, my husband thought we were cutting it a bit close), conceived during a first quarter moon.

I experienced a very brief unexpected pregnancy a couple years ago, conceived during a waning crescent moon. I miscarried only a few days after finding out I was pregnant. That entire month was a hormonal and personal nightmare.

So… 3 out of 5 pregnancies conceived during a first quarter moon. 3 out of 4 full-term pregnancies conceived during a first quarter moon. That’s substantial.

I gotta admit, there’s definitely something to this lunar fertility concept. Maybe it doesn’t apply to all women but there is definitely compelling evidence in my case! And I’m not really surprised. I am heavily influenced by the moon and all those other shiny lights in the sky.

Oh, also turns out that my life-changing spontaneous kundalini awakening happened during a first quarter moon as well. Interesting. Verrryyy interesting.

Enough about me. What about you???

I’d LOVE to hear from other women. If you check your own conception dates and moon phases, please let me know! You can easily Google the moon phase from the day you were born and any other date in time. I’d love to see some data from other women ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “Lunar Fertility

  1. Born on new moon
    1st child conceived on waxing gibbous
    2nd child conceived on wanting gibbous.

    Doesnโ€™t seem to hold true here, but very interesting. My bday is the 12 of the mo Th and both babies where conceived on the 12 on the month interestingly enough.


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