Truth invites a wrestling match

This started as a ramble on Facebook that kept going and going and so I figured I’d make it a blog post instead.

The internet exposes you to so many conversations and I never know if I really want to be the one to come in and drop a bomb with my questions or observations or if they’ll just attack me instead. Is it worth it? Will it be helpful? Should I bother?

Currently thinking of the essential oil lovers who keep repeating undocumented claims among other things… maybe they’re true, but if you don’t site your scientific sources, me and a whole lot of other people have no reason to believe you. (While I love essential oils, I’m starting to recognize how cultish these MLMs actually are. It’s kinda disturbing.)

On the undocumented topic, that was a problem I ran into a lot with studying the origins of holidays. Just like EO people just circularly referencing each others articles as their sources (which don’t have any actual sources), the Messianic leaders/crowd kept repeating each other about how certain common traditions arose from these disgusting pagan practices but I could find no actual references and sources to back up these claims. Clearly most holidays have ancient pagan origins, but I could never find out where some of these people got their info from on specific practices… Easter eggs dyed red in the blood of infant sacrifice?? Maybe it’s true, but no one ever said where that info came from. I still have no idea. (If you know, please inform me)

Sloppy research. I don’t like it. If we’re going to proclaim something as true, we need to be honest about our sources. And if your source is simply your own intuition or conversations with God, then say that upfront.

And so coming back around… I have a lot of questions about a lot of things. And I think I’ve learned a lot about a lot of things because I have asked questions (but I still question what I think I’ve learned). And it irks me when any online or offline community can’t tolerate questions or criticism, whether this community centers around health, science, religion, politics, saving the planet, feminism, etc… If your ideas and beliefs are so true and pure, then they should be able to withstand the fires of investigation. We should be laughing anytime someone says “the science is settled” because that’s not how science works. Science is never settled because science is about inquiry and challenging common assumptions in order to discover deeper truth. That’s how we progress.

This world is full of people and institutions who will demonize you for asking questions and raising concerns about whatever topic you seek to understand. Just realize they are more interested in protecting their own sense of security (and power) than defending the truth.

Truth invites a wrestling match.

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