Navigating social media

Apologies to my email subscribers… you may have received a post that was not meant to be published (I’ve been having trouble with my WordPress app since I updated it). So if you read a post titled “20” that seems incomplete… yes, it’s incomplete 🙂

I’m still working on my spiritual journey series, and it’s been bothering me that I haven’t been able to spend much time on it. I know many of you are quite interested in the rest of my story, so I bless you dear patient souls and thank you for sticking around. I will always let you know when I publish a new post, as I am just as excited to get them published as you are to read them!

In the meantime, I do stay active on social media. My Instagram account has become a sort of mini-blog. I share a lot there that I’m not able to share here on the official blog. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to stay updated on my day to day musings. (Click here for my Instagram account)

I also finally decided to set up a Facebook page, just to have some sort of public presence over there. It will be a place I share extra stuff, like articles or music that I resonate with, etc. (Click here for Facebook page)

I sorta dropped off Twitter a while ago. I originally got on there with the intent to blow off some steam that felt inappropriate to do elsewhere (haha) and I mostly followed a bunch of funny accounts and looked forward to all the new giggles every time I logged on. But somewhere along the way I started coming upon #exvangelicals and related content, and it was very interesting to read about. However, it eventually tipped the scale of funny vs. serious content in my feed towards being so heavy with serious matters, church abuse scandals, etc. etc. It just ended up being such a bummer that I’ve taken a long break. I would eventually like to get back on and tap into this exvangelical/progressive Christian/questioning faith community… although despite my interactions I never got more followers, haha. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of Twitter. But I know a lot of the material on my blog would be of interest to a lot of the people I follow over there, so I’m gonna start sharing my posts and hashtagging and all that fun stuff I haven’t put my head into. (Click here for my Twitter account)

Promoting oneself on social media used to feel fun but I’m honestly getting tired of it, haha. I’m good at getting this stuff up and running and I’ve got great ideas for content, etc., but putting in the time to actually manage it all is just overwhelming these days… especially when I have a separate project/business that requires it’s own social media presence (check out The Graceful Birch). I’m a great *idea* person but my follow through is a bit lacking because I always come up with more great ideas I want to dive into. Blaarrrggg. I’m just constantly reevaluating my priorities as a wife and mother and general creative person. When I get overwhelmed, I like to switch into gratitude over the fact that my life is so FULL.

I am a thankful person. Life is difficult, but oh, so beautiful.

My entire blog is about due for a facelift… it think it’s time for a new layout/theme and better organization and general info. There’s so much laptop work I need to do but apparently our internet connection is super lame and I can barely get anything done (the tragedy is that we have the best available for where we live!! #firstworldproblems). Perhaps I should take myself on a weird date to some WiFi hotspot and get this stuff dealt with.

Anyway, I hope to share more posts soon!

With love,


Gracie in her flower garden 🙂

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