15: Meeting the Serpent

Continuing my spiritual journey series:

The night of October 11th, 2015, I had one of the most profound dreams of my life thusfar:

I am standing naked with a snake wrapped around me. Starting with it’s tail at my head, the snake is wrapped around my head, shoulders, and chest, with its head ending at my stomach. I feel ancient and powerful, as if I am the Snake-Queen. This is who I am.

This empowered feeling quickly fades as my conscious kicks in. I feel uneasy about this snake, concerned it might bite my stomach. But somehow I know that this snake has no evil intent towards me. It is afraid to leave me and treats me like I am its mother.

I pull the snake off me and it slithers around in an anxious way. It keeps trying to return to me but I am afraid of it. I try to send it off hunting, but it just wants to be with me.

This dream puzzled and concerned me. I felt as if I should be afraid of the snake, and yet I knew that this snake was good and would not harm me. I wrote to my doctor about it, and he replied that I should look into the snake homeopathic remedies. He mentioned that Naja (cobra) in particular has heart-troubles. I decided to research this remedy.

I quickly came upon the British Homeopathic’s article for Naja and was startled to discover their example character for this remedy was the famous Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. I had just dreamed that I was a powerful queen wrapped with a snake- this was an eerily similar association. What did this mean?

The whole situation began to bother me. I felt unsettled. I shouldn’t be dreaming about snakes. Snakes are evil, right? I was a Christian, and snakes are bad news. It was the snake, after all, who deceived Eve and led to the downfall of humanity and the rest of the world. Why trust a snake? Although the snake in my dream seemed friendly enough, was this just some clever deception? Was I being tempted in some way by the devil, “that sly serpent”, himself?

It was perhaps the first time I was forced to question what I call “Christian boogeymen” – symbols or practices that are considered evil or inherently bad. Being Torah-observant and extremely anti-pagan at the time, my list of boogeymen was long. There was a plethora of things that you had to stay away from because they could deceive you and turn you away from the true Gospel, jeopordizing your relationship with God. This snake business was making me awful uncomfortable.

I wanted to be able to call it good or evil, to even call snakes themselves good or evil. But suddenly I was faced with a dilemma. God created snakes, did he not? Although the devil may use snakes for evil, is it not more possible, and even necessary, that God use snakes for good? Why should I assume that any snake symbology should automatically be considered evil somehow? Did not God himself command Moses to make a serpent pole, and that all those who were sick from snake bites were to look upon this symbol and be healed? Do not many cultures actually view the snake as a symbol of healing?

For years I had been on a path in search of healing for my body, mind, and spirit. I was zealous for God and for His Word, and I continually prayed for his wisdom and direction, and that he would expose my blindness and help me see. If healing is what I desired, then perhaps having a dream of a snake, which is considered a healer in many cultures, was actually an answer to prayer, and not the devil trying to tempt me. Perhaps I truly was on the right path, and that I needed to follow where it led.

Follow the path is what I did. At that point, I’m not sure I could have stopped it if I tried. After years of earnestly seeking after truth, during good times and bad, I had surrendered enough of my ego to the spirit that the spirit was finally winning and gaining control of the driver’s seat. Suddenly, I was along for the ride, and would soon find out that the adventure I was embarking upon was none other than my own pesonal rebirth. Being “born again” was going to be one of the most painful yet liberating experiences of my life.

The snake dream kicked off a long series of symbolic dreams that began showing me areas of my soul that needed healing. I was being prepared to truly meet myself…

Next up: An intense and deeply profound experience with the homeopathic remedy of phosphorus

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