The Graceful Birch

While looking at my originaldragonfly macrame, I really fell inlove with the pattern on the side pieces. It felt… serene.

“Transcend” dragonfly macrame wall hanging by Grace Lucille

I imagined making an entire wall hanging of this pattern and eventually made one with natural colored rope, and then later in dusty rose. I originally thought these would be lovely pieces for a nursery, and have envisioned them in soft pink and soft blue.

“Serenity” wall hangings by Grace Lucille

I later made a mini version of this pattern, andwrote all about it here.

Mini “Serenity” wall hanging featuring amazonite stones by Grace Lucille

For me, the concept of serenity transcends the mind and emotions. It is the centered still place of the spirit, where peace and contentment flow. This experience is what I’ve attempted to convey with this macrame design- it is what I feel when…

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