Waiting for the New Moon

For those of you waiting for me to start back up on my recent blog series, I feel a little bad to say you’ll have to wait a bit longer! My family has been dealing with a lot of sickness the past couple weeks. I’ve also needed to tend to other things.

I loved getting started on this writing series and the plan was originally to write every day for at least a month, lining up with lent, etc. However it’s just not working out. I could be bummed that I failed some self-imposed standard, but that was never the point. The point was to be motivated to start writing, to get my story out there. I frequently need to set crazy unattainable goals just to get myself started on things (otherwise I never get anything done). I’m so proud that I managed to write for 12 straight days!

I’ve long been trying to see if I could somehow align my life with the phases of the moon and haven’t quite figured out if I could/should. But I have a feeling that I’m moving into that flow somewhat. I think I have noticed spurts of energy around the new moon, which is considered a time of new beginnings. I’ve decided to wait until next new moon (April 6th?) to begin my daily blogging again. I’ll try it for a couple weeks and then take a break again. As the moon wanes I’ll take care of loose ends in my life and settle more back into myself, as I have been doing the last week. I’ll keep up this pattern until I’m finally done sharing what I want to share.

Well hey, it’s at least a goal! Might not turn out quite as I’m expecting. Every time I show the universe my detailed goals and plans, the universe just sorta laughs at me. I don’t get mad about it anymore, I just laugh along and do what I can while trying to surrender to the greater flow at work.

So I won’t start blogging again until the next new moon. In the meantime, I’m focusing on other things, and I’m currently working on new art and content for my creative/business project The Graceful Birch. Been doing a lot of reading, more soul-searching… just general inward reflection.

I look forward to coming out of my cave and sharing with you all again soon! Thanks for sticking with me! 

For fun, here’s a poem I wrote last year about the new moon.

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