My Spiritual Journey – new blog series

Beginning tomorrow, I’m launching a daily blogging series about my spiritual experiences of the past two years and how they have transformed my faith and worldview. 

A few weeks ago I thought I’d like to try another daily blogging challenge for a month like I did last year. I still love the idea of doing it during a complete moon cycle. At the same time, I also felt led to do a daily communion ritual during a moon cycle. Then I figured I may as well do it at the same time as my writing cycle.

It seemed these two experiences were meant to support one another. I felt like this new project idea was turning into a spiritual exercise and I decided I should write spiritual content. In the past couple months I’ve decided to begin sharing my evolving spiritual journey, but have felt a bit stumped on how to do so. My experiences of the past two years are so vast and complex that I hardly know where to begin. But I now feel inspired to write these experiences during this blog series as a long continuing story. Simply writing a little bit day by day will eventually get most of it out there. I feel less pressure and stress that way than to write comprehensively about a whole topic in one blog post (which I’ve attempted and have not gotten very far!).

It was around the full moon that I was inspired with this whole new project idea and I decided to start on the next new moon, which is March 6th. I realized this was the last month of the Hebrew calendar (according to the Bible) and that Passover would follow soon afterwards. I have recently felt led to study more about Passover and decided I may extend my communion ritual all the way up to Passover (full moon), and probably my writings as well. I estimated this would make around 40 days. That seemed like a significant number. 

A few days after settling on this new project, I became aware of Lent, as I’d totally forgotten about the tradition, since I have never observed it before. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday which is March 6th, the day of the new moon and beginning of my writing series/communion ritual. Lent ends with Easter, and this year Easter and Passover are basically the same day (doesn’t always happen that way). So my entire project happens to line up with the observance of Lent. I’m feeling like all these synchrocities are a confirmation that I’m truly being led by the Spirit to do what I’m about to do.

(A Mercury retrograde has also just begun, so make of that what you will…)

My writings are going to challenge a lot of strong beliefs, so I ask ahead of time that you read my words not only with an open mind, but a realization that everything I’m about to share has come about through serious anguish of the soul. These are not simply a bunch of ideas I decided to try and adopt, but experiences and changes I was forced to undergo. I have gone through a major spiritual rebirth that was incredibly challenging but completely worth it. Remember my human frailty and vulnerability as I share with you some of the most personal and profound experiences of my life.

Thank you all so much for reading. I hope you find something in my journey to help inspire and clarify your own.

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