February 28th:

I awoke in the night and knew the answer was, is, and always will be, YES.

The question is irrelevant. The questions are almost always irrelevant. The questions are just meant to push me to the ultimate answer of YES.

Here is life’s grand secret: Yes. It’s always the answer. Yes. One Yes does not negate another Yes. No one Yes holds exclusivity. The only reason Yes would be the wrong answer is by saying No to all others. 

Yes must be understood within the greater context of Yes at large. It is held in balance and checked by millions of other Yeses.

Yes to life. Yes to death. Yes to joy and pain. Yes to all the roads that you find yourself on because all roads lead home. The road IS home. The road is life, and life is everything. You don’t get to say No. To say No is to reject life, and that’s not even possible. You can reject this life but you’ll just find yourself in another one. You’ll find yourself on another road, but ultimately it will be the same exact road you rejected before.

You’re here. You exist. You’re on the road of life and it’s time to quit being a coward. Get up and keep walking. Say Yes. Embrace it all. Embrace every experience, let it open you to Life.


My facebook post the evening of March 1st:

My five year old daughter, who may even be more of a songwriter than me,  has been sitting here in my room LOUDLY humming a spontaneous tune and the sound of it is soooo obnoxious to my already fried nerves. And I can sit here and be filled with irritation and tell her to stop because it’s driving me crazy, or I can choose to take a breath and let the irritation just flow through and out, and once I let out that breath I can choose to hear the joyful noise my daughter makes that surely makes angels sigh in adoration.

It’s been a crappy day. Crappy week. Everything just feels like crap. And yet in the middle of all the crap, I am offered so many opportunities to experience the beauty of life, to connect deeper with my children, to connect deeper with myself.

Life doesn’t suddenly fix itself. The problems are all still here. Everything is still a mess. But I can see the mess as beautiful. Earlier this week I awoke in the night and knew “the answer” is always YES. Yes to everything. To both the joy and pain. To the good and evil, the right and the wrong. Stop being a coward and embrace life in its entirety. Things can only ever change from a position of acceptance. You can’t transmute what you refuse to consume. We spend so much energy staying stuck and frozen or fighting the “bad” in life without realizing that if we could first dwell in the darkness without trying to avoid it or change it, we would discover true peace- and that peace is true power, as it allows us to choose how we will experience life. Do we control the circumstances? Hardly. But we choose how we will interpret and experience them. 

I hope this communicates. It is hard to put into words. If you have been there, then you know what I mean.

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