Storage Tips Using the KonMari Tidying Method

Since Marie Kondo’s new show Tidying Up debuted on Netflix at the beginning of this year, my blog has seen a sudden increase in traffic. Apparently my posts on the KonMari process are showing up on internet searches. I’ve been using this tidying method for 10 months now, and admittedly, I’ve yet to complete the whole process! There are still categories I’ve yet to tackle and complete, which I blame on getting pregnant last year, which slowed everything down for me. I hope to finish my year-long tidying marathon in the next few months. It’s been a great experience and I’m thankful for the KonMari method which has dramatically influenced my relationship with my possessions for the better. Things are slowly shaping up around here. 

I wanted to write a post about a couple storage tips. When I began my tidying marathon last year, I emptied many baskets and cute storage containers, and found many more. I’ve kept them all because I thought I might need them once I finally decided what of all my possessions to keep. For months these containers have been in a large storage bin and I just recently had a chance to put many of them to good use. 

Since having a baby and the sudden chaos that comes with it, many of these random containers were put to use right away. I use one basket to store all my baby cloths and nursing pads by my bed. Another basket came in handy for storing all my cloth menstrual pads. And an old rubbermaid container served as temporary baby clothes storage for the first couple weeks. 

Need a constant supply of baby washcloths and nursing pads on hand for all the spitups and leaky boobs!

The KonMari method encourages using small boxes/containers to help organize storage spaces. Small boxes in drawers are great for dividing/organizing small items that otherwise get cluttered. I’ve done this over the years and especially more lately, and just today I was able to utilize this method to organize some items in my top dresser drawer.

Today I was looking at my headbands and not liking the way they were stored. They’ve been laying in a beautiful pottery bowl on my dresser, and everything about that setup has felt so wrong and weird. It did NOT “spark joy” at all! I finally remembered the little wooden heart boxes I have. So I rolled up my headbands and put them upright in one of the boxes, along with a sachet of potpourri, and fit it in the corner of my top drawer. It’s functional, looks neat and attractive, and reduces the amount of stuff on top of my dresser (that’s been a work in progress). Then I decided to use the other box to store my Angelrox leg warmers, corset, and turtle neck. I rolled up the pieces and placed them upright in the box and fit it in my dresser. Before they were sort of just sitting in there on top of each other and it was messy. Now it all fits nicely and is easily accessible.

Storing items upright is a key concept of the KonMari method. It really does save space and looks more attractive. Before KonMari, I never would have considered rolling up my headbands and storing them upright. 

Not only does this storage tip make more sense, it actually feels more respectful, which is another essential concept of KonMari. It’s important to treat our possessions and items we use everyday with respect and gratitude. The way we store our things should reflect this gratitude. I wear these headbands almost every day, I love their functionality and fashion. I should store them in a manner which reflects that appreciation. They used to just lay in a bowl on my dresser because I didn’t know what else to do with them. Now they have a real home. I’ve found a way to store them which sparks joy!

“…the essence of the storage process is to appreciate the things you own and to strive to make your relationship with them as special as possible.” -Marie Kondo, pg113 from her book Spark Joy

If you’re looking to simplify your life and downsize, then I highly recommend you read Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. You can also check out her new Netflix show, Tidying Up

My next KonMari post will be about organizing my Pinterest account. HA! Yes, I wrote a post about that (in fact, I wrote it many, many months ago and never got around to posting it!).

Happy tidying! Do something today that sparks joy for you 🙂

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