here I am

About a week ago I just quit. The daily poem challenge finally beat my ass and I surrendered. There’s no possible way I can continue to write a new poem every day for a year and not go absolutely crazy. I’m dealing with health issues and emotional issues and I’m just so exhausted. Making sure I wrote a new poem every day became an unnecessary burden I don’t need to carry anymore, especially when half these poems totally suck. It turned into a joyless experience that wasn’t worth continuing.

That being said, I will to continue to write poetry as much as possible for the remainder of my 29th year, but not force one everyday. I think it was great to attempt the challenge, so now I know where my limits are. It’s good to push my creativity output, but not too hard. Good art cannot be forced (as is clearly seen by the amount of shitty poems I’ve churned out, haha).

I’d really like to get back to basic blogging again. The daily poems basically sapped all my writing willpower and inspiration and I haven’t been able to write much else, despite wanting to. There are lots of things I really want to write about and I’d like to take the time to do so. And I still want to continue to share about my Spark Joy Journey, using the KonMari process to declutter and organize my life.

Thanks for reading.

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