this is enough 

It’s been what feels like forever

since I let myself believe

that you’re not just a trickster

or an apathetic monster.

I don’t know who or what you are anymore

and it really doesn’t bother me right now

because the details are irrelevant

when presented with that old familiar feeling,

which right now,

is the only thing I need.

Right now,

You’re not saying anything,

and it never occurred to me

just how nice that could be.

I give you hell all the time

for remaining so silent,

and when you do speak,

you give me bad advice and riddles.

I don’t care about all that right now,

as I’m too broken for the anger.

All I care about

is that right now

you are here

dwelling with me in my pain,

sitting with me in the sadness,

holding me with acceptance.

This is enough.

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