May 13th

I woke up at 2am this morning and realized I forgot to write a poem yesterday! It was a busy day, full of so many special connections and reminders that I really needed. This is the poem I should have written yesterday if I’d had time:


In this moment,
I can admit
I do not see clearly.
I do not see the truth
and it costs me dearly.

Once again
I am a clenched fist,
holding tightly
to what does not exist;
too afraid to let go
because my shallow perception
wants to believe
in an impossible dream
despite the fact
that I know full well
it will never come true.
There is no happy ending,
not with the way I’ve been
gripping this empty pen
trying to write this story.

I stand among the trees,
rooted firmly in the ground
but always moving with the breeze;
they continually teach me
a necessary humility.
And while I can now admit
that I’ve been blind,
I know that I’m not quite ready to see.

I pause on the bridge
between ego and spirit;
I’m not quite ready
to take this leap of faith
when it means I must leave
the false comfort of what I’ve wrongly believed.

But I know that Love has been my guide
and she never allows me to remain blind
for very long.
Love, lead me on.

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