strong heart


Being strong has nothing to do with armour and swords, it has nothing to do with fighting.
Rather, being strong means navigating life with your shell completely cracked open, with your heart totally exposed to the world.
The great reversal of life is that we perceive ourselves to be weak and vulnerable, and therefore, we must protect ourselves. We create our shells and train our instincts to fight or flight at the scent of any possible danger. We think we can protect ourselves. We pour our energy into our defense systems.
We don’t realize we have believed a lie.
The real truth is: our shells, these perceived defenses, are the fragile creations of fantasy. Who we truly are- the very heart/spirit within- is strong by nature. It is unbreakable.
We have identified with our fragile selves, as opposed to our true selves within. We think our hearts are vulnerable, but they are strong. We think we must create strong armour to protect our hearts, but it is our armour which is weak and so easily broken.
It is a simple truth, but so completely backwards from the way we have lived our lives, that to live from this truth feels utterly complicated. It feels so scary. How can we possibly believe itbis true? How can we possibly live from our hearts instead of our shells?
But I know that the weakness I feel is none other than my shell breaking. My heart, which feels so vulnerable when exposed, actually surprises me by revealing strength in this state of vulnerability.
My heart is strong. My heart cannot be broken. Love is strong and cannot be broken.

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