always becoming

Don’t be so quick
to turn your face away,
to turn your back
on who you used to be
and the sentiments you carried.
All of your experiences
are the threads in the fabric of your existance;
you cannot tear away,
and pick and choose which threads
will go and which will stay-
they are already woven in,
and to pull out a thread
would be to rip yourself apart,
a swift unraveling into non-existance.
Who you were
is still
who you are.
The needs and desires of your soul
that you attempted to fulfill
with unsuccessful embarrassment
are still core aspects of your being.
Don’t be ashamed of your perceived failures,
because you were doing the best
with what you had
and what you knew.

Embrace who you are
and all the variations of who you have been.
We are always reaching for love,
we are always becoming.

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