the path

can never
sustain you.
It serves you
by urging you
to move
when you need to.

But once in motion,
you must find a new fuel
before you become merely a tool
of the unstable combustion
of volatile emotions,
before you feed
the very monster
you wish to defeat.

If happiness is what you long for,
then make movements of happiness.
Not movements to happiness,
but movements of happiness.

It is not a destination.
There is no where to go.
It is simply an attitude to live:
perpetual gratitude.

Recognize that you reap what you sow.
The longer you sow in anger,
the more you will reap its frustrations.
How can we sow anger
and expect to reap joy?

Your movements toward justice
can only be realized
by being just
in all situations.

Your movements toward peace
can only manifest in the peaceful,
in those who have made peace
within themselves.

I do not want to spend my entire life
being the one
who got all the shit done
at whatever cost.
Will it cost my joy?
If so, it just isn’t f-ing worth it!

I’d rather be the one
who may never spearhead a grand movement,
who may never rally the troops to victory,
who may never build any grand accomplishments,
who finds joy in all circumstances
and inspires joy
in everyone I meet.

Though I may speak
with the tongues of angels
but have not love,
all my fancy words mean nothing.
Though I may lead
all the marches to freedom
but have not joy,
what is the point of being free?

whatever your fight is in this life,
there will never cease to be
battles left to fight.
As soon as you conquer one,
another takes its place.

Take the time to remember why…
the reason for all your striving,
and be thankful as you realize
you are already free…

Free to be thankful,
free to have joy,
free to delight
in the very essence of life.

this world needs change,
and we must take necessary action,
but if we cannot be thankful
for the progress we’ve already made,
for the very breath we breathe,
then all our changes change nothing.

You don’t have to wait
for the bells of freedom to ring
before letting your own heart sing.

Set your own soul free,
and inspire others to do the same.
This, I believe,
is the only path to true change.

2 thoughts on “the path

  1. Woah, there are so many profound gems of wisdom in here. My favorite lines are:
    “If happiness is what you long for,
    then make movements of happiness.
    Not movements to happiness,
    but movements of happiness.”
    Indeed, we often run after happiness and never get there, because we fail to realize that happiness is in the now, in the very steps we take. Thank you for sharing this reminder in such a wonderful way!


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