My Spark Joy Journey: an update

I’ve been so busy actually decluttering lately that I haven’t gotten around to blogging about it! Here’s an update:

So far I’ve gone through both my clothes and the children’s clothes, with one sentimental bin of children’s clothing left to go through. I let myself off the hook for not getting that one done yet because I can place it in the sentimental category instead of clothes category. According to the KonMari method, sentimental items should be gone through last. However, I’ll probably tackle that bin before other categories because I just want to get it done!

I’ve also gone through my books, my papers, and various items in the komono  (miscellany) category: CDs, jewelry, craft supplies, and today I discarded half my sheet music and organized what was left. I’m making lots of progress!

With most categories, I find myself making a second pass. I make my initial huge purge, and then a little while later, I come back and do a second, much smaller purge. I’ve yet to do a second pass on my craft supplies because there are a billion subcategories that I can’t possibly put my head into right now. I think I’ll get back to that once most everything else has been gone through.

I should mention that I don’t follow the KonMari method exactly. I don’t take all items of a category and put them in one gigantic pile on the floor. I see the merit in that method, but I don’t feel that’s necessary for me (nor practical/possible in my situation). There’s also a few other things I’ve done that are contrary, but I currently can’t remember what they are. The important thing is that I’m getting it done! Hurray!

The category I’m looking most forward to getting done is THE KITCHEN. The kitchen is the most stressful place for me. I know that a big reason for this is because it feels so chaotic to me. Our cabinets are rather odd and we keep trying to find more storage place. The disjointedness of it all is only one small piece to my kitchen/food dilemma, but I hope that by creating a more harmonious and functional atmosphere, I can better heal my frustration with all things food-related.

I have gotten rid of soooo much, and it feels so good to let go of what no longer serves me and to be left with those things which truly bring me joy. It’s an exhausting process though… not gonna lie! This isn’t just a physical process. It involves my entire existance. Possessions say a lot about a person- who they’ve been, who they are, and who they hope to be. Sorting through all of my belongings has given me much to think about and process. There are so many questions I must ask myself: Who do I want to be? What sort of lifestyle do I want to live?

By the time I get through this whole process, I should have clearer answers to those questions. Sometimes physical clutter distracts from the internal clutter. It can be hard to hear my inner voice when surrounded by the voices of so many things. Right now I’m attempting to cut through the constant chatter and find my own voice, and those things which help support my voice.

Hopefully soon I’ll get to sharing more in depth about the categories I’ve gone through. Next on my blogging list: clothes! There’s a lot I’d like to share about this topic, plus pictures of my beautiful drawers filled with clothes folded into cute little rectangles. It’s sooooo cuuuuute! The folding method increased the joy factor one hundred percent.

Until then, enjoy this picture of my new Peace Lily on my dresser. So much joy and happiness! 

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