You are just a dream,
and like all dreams,
I’m gonna wake up
and I’m gonna see
that none of it is real,
It’s all in my head.
I’ve been talking to myself
just trying to feel
the rhythms and pulse
of a heart that is buried,
trying to release
this load I’ve carried.
But there is no horse
and there is no knight.
I’m the only one
who can win this fight.
So when I awake
with the morning’s light,
will the mirror reveal
you were me the whole time?

It should be a victory,
but it sounds like a tragedy.
I don’t want to be saved,
I just want to be set free,
not from the dragon,
but from this lonely tower
where I am surrounded
by only me.

Don’t wake me up.
I’d rather dream.


I’ve developed an obnoxious habit in recent months of noticing repeating numbers. Today I saw 111 more times than I can remember. I composed this poem on my phone’s diary app which tracks symbol and word count. This poem was exactly 111 words.

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