my girl

Tonight, after I put my kids to bed, I found myself hanging streamers and blowing up balloons when I’d prefer to be asleep (or maybe watching Parks & Recreation). 

Ah, yes, I have finally succumbed to the stage of parenthood where I do stuff for my kid’s birthday. Truth is, it’s really fun. I’m super tired, but I can’t wait to see my four-year-old’s reaction at the colored streamers and balloons. She’s going to be sooo excited!

This morning I realized just how much I love spending time with my daughter and getting to know her as she grows. She’s so fun. She’s the daughter I was given, the daughter I have, and I’m so glad I have her. I probably won’t have another daughter. She’s it. And oh, is she IT. I got the girl with it all… all the flair, all the drama, all the passion, all the laughter. 

We were sharing moments together this morning like we do all day long every day, but this morning I could feel my heart so full of gratitude and love. I am just so thankful to have her in my life. It’s hard to put into words. I guess if you’re a parent then you’ll understand what I mean.

I look forward to celebrating her precious little life tomorrow. One day she’s going to grow up and do big things, but for now she’s my little comedic princess who sleeps across the hall in Minnie Mouse pajamas. 

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