The Shifting Light

My favorite times of day are the times when the light shifts. That’s when I can feel the breath of the expansive living soul of the universe brush against my own breathing soul.

There’s something magical about the time just before dawn. I feel closer to all the goodness of life right before the sun graces us with his brilliant rays. The light appears before the sun does. It’s an irresistible feeling of hope and anticipation for all the beauty life has to offer. It’s like a delicate but steady dream yearning to reveal itself in full glory. And yet, it’s so quietly and gently close, so small and near, like wearing a favorite sweater, like a secret that only the universe and I share. Sshhh… just wait for it…

And then there is twilight, the time of day when the sun has departed, but his light still lingers, slowly trailing behind him. That’s the time of day that breaks my heart. That’s when I feel all the old memories deep within my being press upon my chest, yearning to be experienced all over again. The sun has left, the times have passed, but the light and the memories still linger. 

Not only do I meet with the memories of my own experience, but I also hear the echoes of a thousand different lives yet lived, the infinite possibility of experience. A million beginnings and endings, existance and oblivion all at once descend upon me as the final light of day gives way to dark night.

In these times of shifting light, I can feel the presence of eternity wrap around me, like spinning against a silken shawl. Beauty is both a light and heavy weight that flows in and around us, and try as you may, you cannot grasp her. You can only become one with her, let her move you. She may move you to joyous laughter or to gut-wrenching tears. She invites you to feel whatever it is your soul feels.

Light in its infancy: a glorious fresh dawn of passion and curiosity.

Light in its final moments: a twilight of reflection and an awareness of the continuous circle of life.

I like to meet light in its beginnings and endings, in its daily shiftings, because I want to know that I too can be laid to rest and still rise again. The sun knows not defeat- only rebirth.

The light calls to me, “Shift with me…”

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