I’m just too tired

This daily blog challenge is hard. I often don’t get around to an idea for writing (or the chance to write) until the evening… when I’m sleepy and ready for bed.

My brain is too tired for this…

I keep thinking I should skip a day. Come on Grace, don’t push yourself too hard. If it causes you stress, it’s just not worth it right now.

But then the idea of failure is just too much for me to accept. I said I would do this, damnit, so I’m gonna do it!!!

And so here I am, writing this shit post right now. I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. How can I possibly write when I’m half-asleep?

Sleep is one of my highest priorities right now. So off to bed I go. Hopefully tomorrow produces a post more worthy of publishing than this piece of crap.


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