My mineral friend, Rose Quartz

Through a series of events last month, I found myself in a crystal shop picking through a basket of raw chunks of rose quartz. I had developed a growing interest in rose quartz, mostly because I think it’s pretty, but also because it’s supposedly good for healing a broken heart, etc. I had no idea if that was true or how it works, but I was attracted to the rock and wanted to have one. So I spent some time in this crystal shop, and after looking over many pieces of rose quartz, I finally picked one that felt right.

It was the best three dollars I’ve ever spent.

I was told that, if it resonated with me, I could transfer all the pain in my heart to the rock. I thought it was worth a try. If nothing else, I like holding and touching things, especially natural objects, and having a physical object to grasp can be comforting during times of emotional distress.

I started having some emotional upsets in the following few days. As I would begin crying, I’d remember my quartz and grab it, intending to dump all my emotion onto it. But a curious thing happened… as soon as I got the rock in my hand, I’d stop crying, almost immediately. My tears and desire to cry would simply dry up.

At first I was confused, almost feeling ripped off. Wait! I’d tell myself, I didn’t get a chance to try the transfer! Why did I stop crying??

After the third time this happened, it occurred to me that I don’t need to consciously transfer to the rose quartz. The quartz does all the work for me. The moment it meets my skin, it eases my drama and calms me down. I don’t have to do anything but hold it!

It still surprises me, every time. I keep expecting it to fail one day, but it hasn’t yet. It truly boggles the mind. It’s one thing to believe in and experience the effects of essential oils or homeopathy. But a rock??? I never would have guessed holding a mere rock could have such a profound affect upon the emotions.

Like I said, Best three dollars I’ve ever spent.

Today, as I held my rose quartz, it occurred to me how perfectly it fits into my left hand, which is my dominant hand and the one I always hold the quartz with. Of all the chunks I could have picked out, this is the one I selected. I had no idea how ridiculously well it would fit in my hand. Taking the time to pick through the different rocks and be mindful of which one I selected really did pay off. I found “the one”, as if we were made for each other 🙂

This pink rock is my new best friend.

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