Fly Like an Eagle

Although I’m not a sports person, I did watch the SuperBowl with some friends last night and actually really enjoyed it. The whole experience turned out rather interesting for me.

I didn’t start watching the game until somewhere at the end of the 1st quarter (I think?). The Philadelphia Eagles had just made the first touchdown of the game and were setting up for the field goal. Right as the player was about to kick, I thought of the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and the phrase screamed in my head, “laces out!” 

If you haven’t seen the movie, or don’t remember, here’s the deal: the key suspect in a criminal investigation used to be a kicker for an NFL team, and for years had lived with shame over his missed field goal which cost his team the Superbowl championship. He blamed the failed kick on his teammate who didn’t hold the ball properly with the laces out. 

This flashed through my brain right before I watched the Eagles kick… and then I was shocked to see them MISS. I blurted out, “Laces out!!” I thought it terribly funny to be imagining a failed field goal right before one happened, especially being that it’s not too common.

And then- there were TWO MORE missed field goals during the game! Eagles missed one and Patriots missed two. What on earth was going on??! 

I’ve been practicing my intuitive powers lately (LOL), and I couldn’t help but think I was on to something. It’s almost as if I sensed beforehand those 3 failed kicks. Maybe? Maybe not. But… I did predict that the Eagles would win.

I started out not caring who won. In general, I just root for whoever is currently on offense because I just love watching the action. Advancement is so much more exciting than holding a line. 

But then during the 2nd quarter, I thought about it. Who will win? I wondered. I know so little about football, but I do know that the New England Patriots are a great team who win all the time, and they often have a serious comeback in the last half. I was thinking it was likely that they’d win. They’d catch their stride second half and come out way on top.

I decided to ask myself who would win. Not who I want to win because I honestly don’t care. But who do I think will win? Come on Grace, get in touch with your spidey senses. Take a stab at it. 

So I thought about the team names, their mascots. And looking at the Eagle, I thought… the Eagles are gonna win. 

Ok, ok, I’m an absolute DORK. You know why I thought they’d win? Because I’ve been seeing eagles lately. That is the sole reason why.

I saw my first bald eagle back in August and it felt very prophetic to me somehow, I just didn’t know what it meant. And then I had a dream of an eagle. Then someone I know won a photo contest for a local magazine, and his brilliant photograph was of a bald eagle. Then I saw my second bald eagle a month or so ago. And to finish it up, last month I read someone’s story of a vision she had involving an eagle, and the message of her vision impacted me so deeply and was the breakthrough I needed. 

With all my run-ins with eagles lately, I simply decided that the Eagles would win this Superbowl. 

I know, I know… just random coincidence. Afterall, there was a 50/50 chance I would be right. I got lucky. But combined with my premonition of failed field goals… I don’t know, maybe I was on to something 🙂

All of this reminds me of something I remembered last week (and I wasn’t even thinking about football at the time). There’s a story I heard years ago of a Christian prophet who was based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Years ago he was getting visions of the Black Panthers coming to Charlotte. He didn’t know what this meant, and was worried about possible violence. But then, guess what happened? A new football team was created, the Black Panthers, in Charlotte.

It’s proof that not all “prophecy” is useful or earth-shattering. I didn’t need to know the kickers were gonna be off their game, or that the Eagles were going to win. These things have no ultimate meaning in my life. The actual events mean nothing to me. I don’t care about football! 

But if I truly was in touch with my intuition, then it’s merely a reminder to myself to keep paying attention. It was… practice 🙂 Better to practice with the little stuff before attempting anything big. 

Or, none of it means anything. That’s a real possiblity. Buuuuut my intuition theory makes for a much more interesting blog post. Right?!

Clairvoyance aside, last night’s Superbowl was a great game all the way through, right up to the very end. I really enjoyed watching it and I’m happy for the Eagles’ win. (But I’m not allowed to say that because I live in Pats territory…sshhh).

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