The River

I am caught in the current
of the Indigo River
Lost in the flow
all I can do is let go
There is no fighting
no denying
only acceptance
and embracing
of the movement

Once you’re in, you’re in.

I can’t get out now. I’ve been baptized in the river and now I am one with it. This is the river of existence, the true story behind the scenes.

Truth is, everyone else is here too. They just don’t know it. They think they are on land, but their spirits are truly here in the river. I know, because I keep running into them. I know things I shouldn’t know. Nobody told me, I simply felt it in the water.

I’m out here, flowing and mingling with the essence of the universe. Someone from the river bank calls out to own what I am experiencing, and now I know who I was swimming with. Who’s next?

What I really want to know is, Who will join me? Anyone? Or will I merely experience others without them knowing? Will anyone ever experience me? Can two people share the same experience? Can I experience someone at the same time they experience me? What would that be like? I wonder all the time.

How does someone become aware of the river? Truly, it’s baffling. It defies logic. None of this makes sense. Diagnose me as crazy if you want, but I’m not making it up. I’ve seen the future and I’ve seen the past. It shouldn’t be possible, and yet it is.

Again, I ask, How does someone become aware of the river?

I think I was born with a partial awareness. Not sure why or how. It’s why I’ve never quite fit in. This life is confusing, something is off about all of it. What we call reality isn’t the truth. I’ve always known it, and at times I have feared it. But my fear is being washed away as I allow myself to be one with the movement.

I am one with the river. I am the flow of water, and I feel you all.

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