Today was a day of connections.

I sat down and finally wrote to my grandmother, which I’ve been planning to do for months.

I wrote to a penpal whom I left hanging 2 whole years ago.

I got in touch with people I love and people I think I would love if I actually got to know them.

I had conversations with strangers on blogposts and Twitter. I followed new interesting people on Instagram. 

And I realize… it’s not that hard. Connecting with people is not nearly as hard as I keep thinking it is. All I have to do is reach out, speak up (or write down).

This is what makes me happy: connecting with others. It’s my responsibility. If I want to make connections, if I want friends… then I have to do something about it. It’s easier to do nothing. But no one is going to chase me down (especially when I’m an invisible introvert). If I don’t put myself out there, no one is going to find me.

If I want friends, then I need to be a friend. So that’s what I’m doing.

This is one of the things I would like to build in this master builder year of 2018: I want to build connections and relationships. I’d say I’m off to a good start.

4 thoughts on “Connect

  1. I’ve had mixed feelings about connecting with people my entire life. Like you, I’m an introvert, and a very stubborn one, at that. Haha. Good thing I’m polite enough (I think), so I don’t actually snub people, but really, there was a time when I felt allergic to people and relationships. My mother thought I was turning into a hermit.

    Maybe it was just a phase, because eventually I came to a point when I realized that it is in connecting with other people that we find and carry out our purpose, and get to know who we really are. Some personality theorists even went as far as to say that we are who we are because of the relationships we have (or have had).

    Your resolve to connect more is inspired and inspiring! Of course, you don’t need to force it if you don’t want to. I trust you’ll know when you’re pushing yourself to connect because it’ll grow you, versus pushing yourself just because you feel it’s what you’re expected to do. 🙂


    • I’m an introvert in that I need a lot of alone time to recharge, and I reaaally love my alone time. But I have always loved having relationships and I’m always happier when I spend time with or connect with others. If I become disconnected for too long, I get really grumpy and depressed. My problem is that I’m a little awkward in meeting people, it takes me awhile to get comfortable with others. I always have to step outside my comfort zones to just connect with others. I have to actively pursue relationships and put serious effort into them, especially so because I am not involved in any sort of “extracurricular” group (such as church). It’s far to easy to simply disappear.

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      • Interesting! I think they have a term for the type of introversion you described (social introvert, I believe). In that case, then pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone in order to connect seems like the way to go. Wish you the best on this 2018 mission of yours! 🙂


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