day drinking

Every time I drink, I remember why I don’t drink.

My poor hyper-sensitive system cannot tolerate alcohol at all. Just a couple ounces and I start out laughing and laughing and then mumbling/yelling about the meaning of life and then I feel like I’m moving in extremely slow motion. I feel awful. My head feels sick. 

When I feel like life is overwhelming, I want to start drinking, because that’s what everyone else does. I was under the impression that people drink to forget their problems. Sure, let’s try that! Oh no. When I drink, all my problems become amplified times a hundred.

It’s just not fair. I want to be typical too. I want to be the slobbering drunk texting people she has no business texting. Or… something like that.

Nah, I’m just that girl who pretty much acts drunk without drinking, and then drinking actually crashes the whole party.

I’m not drunk. But I am seriously affected. And this post is a result of this affection. I guess this is my version of drunk texting. Tispy blogging. God, that is so nerdy.

Grace, never drink again. Especially when you don’t even like the taste of alcohol. How can you people drink this shit and ENJOY it? What is wrong with everyone? 

What is wrong with me? Why am I writing this stupidity? Ah, because my desire to be heard never quite goes awway. Fart fart fart in your face.

hahahahahaha now I’m laughing again. Why is everything so funny?

When I’m really depressed, everything gets a million times funnier. It’s a little odd and twisted, but that’s what happens. Humor will always be my defense against everything I don’t want to feel. Either I’m going to sit here staring into nothing with my face sagging into hell, or I’m going to find every possible absurd thing and laugh at it. There is no in between. The world is a comedy or it is a tragedy. 

These words will never be enough.

Ok, there’s my bullshit nonsense for the day. Hopefully one of these days I’ll actually write something worth reading.  

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