there is only Right Now

There is only Right Now
No past with its failures
No future with its accomplishments
There is only Right Now
with the me that Is.

Right now
I am the dividing line
between light and darkness
The hovering of a spirit
not at rest in either world
I am the struggle of mental power
that is losing its charge
and malfunctioning
Struggling to make sense
of itself
and it’s surroundings

I’m good intentions gone to crap
A schedule quickly unraveling
A body that can’t keep up
with the spirit and mind’s incessant bickering
An internal war
And the me that Is
is the real casualty

I am dead
I am alive
I am the angry adult
and the child who cries
I’m the edge of consciousness
the cliff of broken dreams
I am the sum of parts
too blind to be seen

What am I now?
I am all of the things
that refuse to be tallied and quantified
A voice which speaks the truth
while whispering dull lies

I’m a question mark
A story with no end
and no beginning
I encircle the circle of life
A massive womb always stretching
I’m mother and baby caught in transition
This moment is eternal
There is only Now
No before or after
I dwell in this pregnant pause
of everything I cannot see
but can only feel.

There is only Right Now
A heart struggling to heal.

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