clenched fist

I must let go
for the truth is
I hold on to nothing

See here:
I am but
a clenched fist
grasping illusions
which promise satisfaction
but only leave me
more hungry than before

Where does the illusion end
and reality begin?
Somewhere inside my palm.

The clenched fist knows nothing
but rabid desperation
But in letting go
it can be open to receive

Love is a creature
that cannot be controlled
cannot be manipulated
It must be accepted
as the wild and free spirit that it is

Do not try to corral it-
it will only break down your fences
destroying your illusions
of progress and success

Love cannot be tamed
it cannot be paraded about
enslaved to the circus master

Love cannot be dominated
and made into a whore
used, spent, and disregarded

Love exists on it’s own terms
and is subject to no one

If you think you possess love
then you are deluded
Love is possessed by none
Love is the possessor

Love does not exist  
within the clenched fist

Love is but a spirit
passing through
just passing through

Open up your hand
let Love flow between your fingers

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